Buy my new collection of 12 crime short stories, You Can Jump & Other Stories, right now by clicking on the button below:

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The paperback of my fourth "Don and Frank" crime novel, Open and closed, can be ordered through any physical or online bookseller, or directly from The price is US$15-95, and the ISBN is 978-1-4401-6322-7.

My children’s fantasy novel, Soother’s Boy, is available through any bookshop or library in paperback, ISBN 9780955868603. Or BUY NOW VIA PAYPAL using the button below. It's also available as an ebook: here

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My legendary - or perhaps notorious - guide to the writer’s life, Success ... and how to avoid it, is available direct from its publisher, TTA Press, here. You can read the reviews of Success... here.

My collection of SF stories, SO FAR SO NEAR, is available as an ebook.

And here’s one you can have for nothing: it’s called Forty Lashes, it’s amongst my proudest works, and it sits here, online, for all the world to enjoy, ignore, or be enraged by, free of charge.

Where to buy some of my books

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Acts of Destruction is available as an ebook here, and in paperback, price £10. You can order the paperback from any bookseller or public library, or BUY ACTS OF DESTRUCTION NOW VIA PAYPAL, using the button below.

Where to?

I am happy to supply copies to book groups (or reading groups) at discounted prices - please email me for details.

If you want to buy ten or more copies of the paperback, from anywhere in the world, or you want to stock it in your shop, then please email me, and we’ll discuss discounts and so on.

Some people have asked me why Amazon lists Acts of Destruction as “out of print.” Now, how can I put this without getting sued? Hmm; probably best if I just say that you should ask Amazon if you want to know why they operate this policy. Please note that the book is a) in print and available, and b) not available through Amazon.

If you buy a paperback book from this website, I’ll let you have any one of my e-books free from Smashwords. Just email me via the “quick links” panel to let me know which one you’d like. You can find them listed here.

If you want the book you're buying autographed or inscribed, please email me.